Insecticides for domestic use

Five domestic use insecticides for domestic use and for pure use which do not need to be manipulated. Thus they ensure total security in its use.

  • CUCANOR B: Fulminant insecticide against crawling insects.
  • INSEC PLUS AND CUCANOR B GRANULADO; Insecticides against ant pests
  • CUCANOR B DESCARGA TOTAL y ECOSPRAY; Polyvalent insecticides against flying and crawling insects designed for small spaces.

And most important, insecticides with their corresponding registers, which gives you total security in your home.

Household flying insect insecticides

Household ant insecticides


Nº Reg: DSGP: 10-30-01519

Instant insecticide against all kinds of crawling insect (+)

15,90 € IVA inc.

13,14 € sin IVA